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Canary Wireless Launches Second-Generation Wi-Fi Detector with LCD

The Digital Hotspotter™ Device Displays Network Information, Signal Strength, Encryption Status and Channel Data at the Push of a Button January 10, 2008 - Chicago - Canary Wireless announces the availability of its secondgeneration Digital Hotspotter™ device. The first to introduce a Wi-Fi detection and analysis tool with an LCD display providing essential network information, Canary Wireless now brings to market the HS20, featuring a slimmer form factor, an improved user interface, and the superior RF performance that made the first generation Hotspotter an award winner.The HS20 will be available online at during the first quarter of 2008 and will retail for $59.95.

Canary Wireless' offering is the only device of its kind to provide smart signal analysis, including network ID, encryption status and channel data for 802.11 (b, g, and n) networks.

The HS20 now features a slick black mirrored-surface, a slimmer design (3.19" x 2.13" x 0.65") and weighs only 2 ounces. It also features many added benefits including a "scroll" feature to toggle between multiple available networks, a backlit display and a larger screen with quick glance icons.

"As Wi-Fi users become more and more reliant on these networks as a critical communication channel while traveling, accessories such as the HS20 that provide insight into the network's security and accessibility are becoming essential," commented Steve Deutscher, president, Canary Wireless.

According to the latest hotspot report by iPass, a leading provider of enterprise mobility services,
a growing number of businesspeople are using hotspots to stay productive on the road. In its Wi-
Fi Hotspot Index, iPass found that usage of Wi-Fi hotspots by traveling businesspeople increased by 68 percent between the second half of 2006 and the first half of 2007. "These results indicate that business demand for Wi-Fi hotspots has grown from a novelty to a mainstream need," said Joel Wachtler, VP of marketing and strategy at iPass.

The Canary Difference
From business travelers to students and today's mobile workforce, the Canary device offers users
convenience, flexibility and security. Benefits include:

• No need to boot-up a laptop to detect whether an accessible Wi-Fi network is near
• Quick glance icons show signal strength and security status for each access point
• Device gives network ID (SSID), allowing identification of public or private networks
• Back-lit display with 96x64 pixels for easy viewing
• Uses inexpensive and easy to find AAA batteries (2)
• Scroll feature allows easy access to multiple access points per scan; highlight an access
point name to view details on network type, security open/WEP/WPA, and channel
• Battery meter icon displays status of AAA batteries
• Does not require any additional software or hardware
• Can be used as a network analysis, rollout and maintenance tool
• Uses a true 802.11 engine, resulting in no false readings from Bluetooth® signals,
cordless phones, or microwave ovens like some competititors' products
• Slim form-factor easily slips into shirt pocket or computer bag; lanyard hook also allows
the HS20 to be attached to other cases
• Can be branded with your company logo - great for outfitting a sales force


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