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About Canary Wireless

Canary Wireless is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Mobile Systems, a privately-held Chicago area company dedicated to providing innovative wireless products to business travelers, students and other consumers worldwide. Canary Wireless' first commercially-available product, an LCD Wi-Fi detector called the Digital HotspotterTM Model HS10, was universally praised by reviewers and customers. Canary Wireless’ 2nd generation Digital Hotspotter Model HS20, continues the tradition of innovative and affordable 802.11 wireless detection and analysis.

Canary Wireless' success with the Digital Hotspotter is a direct result of the company's broad and continuing involvement in the frontier of emerging and future wireless technologies, its nimble and aggressive approach to product development, and its understanding of the need to stay connected while on the go. These qualities continue to drive the company's product development programs.

The company believes that consumer demand for continuous voice and data connectivity will speed the adoption of efficient and innovative wireless technologies. Canary Wireless believes that it has anticipated some challenges that business travelers, students and other consumers will face as they adopt new wireless technologies. The company has devoted its development efforts to creating cutting-edge products to assist consumers in taking advantage of these wireless technologies